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All pictures where taken during a 5 day intensive tour by foot and bike in September 2002  

Rifle rental at LongyearbyenHiking in SvalbardAdvent dalen Longyearbyen SvalbardWether radar and research station SvalbardHiker carying a rifle during a hike at SpitsbergenSvalbard image #5Polar Rock-ptarmiganA view over Longyearbyen SvalbardIce and Snow at SpitsbergenHiker on a cliff above LongyearbyenView from a mountain ridge in SvalbardLongyearbyen mining building

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Rifle and message to hotel guests at Radisson hotel Spitsbergen
If you intend to do your
own excursion at
Svalbard you will be
advised to bring a rifle!
Most sports shops and
snowmobile/bike rentals
are also able to rent you 
a rifle.
The one we rented was
a post war model made
in 1940!
We where quite happy
that we wasn't forced to
find out if it worked!
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to read placard!

 This is why this is necessary!

Polar bear warning sign Longyearbyen

Polar bears might look cuddly but
they are probably not in the mood
for cuddling with you. Keep the distance
so that you don't end up on their menu!
"Link to polar bear safety"

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About Svalbard!

Svalbard means the land with the cold
coast. There are several settlements in
Svalbard.The main Norwegian settlement
are Longyearbyen with 1500 people.

Map over scandinavia and svalbard

Why Svalbard!

Why going to Svalbard you might ask?
I might answer:
:"it seems to be a cool place ;O)"
And maybe just maybe,
we will be able to se the polar bear in his
own environment, hopefully at some distance!
Ok! how do you get there? It's far north you
 know, is your second question! Easy,
 by buying a ticket and fly from Stockholm
via Oslo-Tromso-Longyearbyen, flights
takes 6.5hours if everything runs smoothly.

Spitsbergen overview map

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Useful Svalbar hints from Martin Neldèn

One Day hikes in the Longyearbyen
surroundings by Martin Neldèn

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Polar bear paw track in the snow

Paw print of Polar bear "Ursus Maritimus"

we didn't even come this close!

Map over Longyearbyen!

Published with agreement of Svalbard Reiseliv

AS/Svalbard Tourism

Longyearbyen local village map
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