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Map Cover for Kungsleden Trail - southern part

An image from the peak "Norra Sytertoppen" as a map cover for the area Ammarnäs-Hemavan

Sea Kayaker Magazine cover photo

Johanna rolling her sea kayak
Johanna is rolling her sea kayak in Täfteå. The image became a cover photo for American Sea Kayaker in April 2011


1st price outside nature photo contest

First price in Outside photo contest
Photographer: Leif Karlsson


Moon over Lillhaddingen

2nd price European Panorama Project

European Panorama Project  Photo Contest
Second Prize Moon over Lillhaddingen - by Leif Karlsson

Book cover, History of Sweden year 600-1350 for Norstedts förlag      

Dick Harrison - Sveriges historia: 600-1350 ISBN:978-91-1-302377-9

Article about the polar fox in the Swedish newspaper VK

Article published in the Swedish newspaper VK

Center fold image in the Outdoor magazine Outside (Iceland)

Iceland view published in Outside mag 

Full article here pages 36-40 (Contains more images)

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